Some History was founded in 2005 for the purpose of serving the small business community to alleviate the stress and needless expenses associated with website design. Since that time has expanded to providing desktop and cloud application services, as well as larger-scale, database-driven applications for mid-sized businesses. Over the years has been maintained largely as a sole-proprietorship with a mission to undercut the competition. Because of this we understand small business owners’ need to maintain professionalism with their wallet in mind. We are proud to be here in 2012 writing websites for local companies as well as developing wide-scale solutions for our larger clients.

How it Works

TMGFX was created to build websites, and over time the process has been refined and simplified for our clients. All websites are initially designed as an image to get a quick visual representation of what the finished product will look like. Once the image is refined to meet the specifications of the client, the coding begins. At this point all of the text is added to the site, and all of the functionality is developed. Billing occurs on either a project or hourly basis, as agreed upon commencement of the project. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. It's that easy.

For information about application development, please view our application development section.