We're Different

We are small and efficient, which mitigates overhead. Additionally, company funds are re-invested into the company in the acquisition of state of the art software and learning resources that ensure that we are always ahead of both the curves of technology and skill set. We do not settle for using out-of-date design and implementation practices. Rather, we strive to be current with the latest technological advances, including but not limited to website design frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and mobile and tablet applications using the Android SDK.

Our Experience

TMGFX has been providing web based solitions since 2005, during the early phase of Web 2.0. Since that time we have been committed to the advancement of the Web as witnessed by modern framework-based applications that can grow into massive repositories such as Facebook. We have been committed to providing small businesses with services that they could otherwise not afford by embracing scalable technologies, even if the companies we represent are not on Fortune 500. We know the importance of a professional web presence, and we strive to provide exactly that to all who request our services.